Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second Tuesday of Lent

Psalm 61Jeremiah 2:1-13Romans 1:16-25John 4:43-54

Psalm 61 tells us of a King who seeks refuge and protection and in return promises to praise and glorify God. John tells us of the royal official who must have faith in Jesus to heal his dying son. Why does it take adversity or despair to strengthen our faith? Why do we seek proof of God’s existence and grace?

Jeremiah and Paul tell us of civilizations that abandoned their faith; their leaders did not look to God for guidance, and as punishment God allowed them to live their lives without his grace. God had blessed these people (as he has blessed us) in many ways. He has led some to safe and fertile lands, sent his son to die for our sins, and provided all with the Gospels.

How can we maintain our faith? My mother always told me “let your conscience be your guide,” and I always wondered, “Where does my conscience come from?” I realized it is the grace of God in me. This voice tells me what I know to be right. We must filter the distractions around us and listen from within. Faith in ourselves demonstrates our faith in God. Our actions will acknowledge and glorify God. Like the royal official we will not know the results; however our faith will be rewarded.

I am hopeful that I can have the courage to act from within. I am comforted knowing that we have a forgiving God who will guide me and reveal wonders in me and too me.

— Daryl Russell

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