Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fifth Tuesday in Lent

Psalm 121Jeremiah 25:8-17Romans 10:1-13John 9:18-41

Have you ever been sure of something—sure down to your bones? You feel so confident of this one idea or belief that you are ready to jump in with both feet. You’ve figured it out and it’s time to act.

It’s like a horse out of the gate! Watch out—here I go! I have this idea, this GREAT idea. Other people agree that it’s a good idea, so off to planning I go. I put everything in order. I determine what resources I have, what I’ll need, and I chart out my timeline. Just in case I create a Plan B, because this idea is great. It’s going to work!

Then BAM—the plan derails. Sound familiar? It may be in some small way or big, but regardless, my vision—my idea—is not working. But it’s gotta work. I planned for everything. And that doesn’t seem to matter. How can this be? I looked at all angles of this plan. Surely it will work, because the idea is a great one!

Sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself in this predicament? I have. I wonder if any of the Pharisees found themselves thinking the same thing. In John 9:18-41 we read of how Jesus heals a man blind from birth. When the Pharisees hear of this they question what had happened. At no point did they get the answers they wanted—the answers that would “make sense.” They were so attached to their belief—their idea—that they were the ones who were blind.

Dear Lord God, open our eyes today and let us trust in the paths we are walking. Help us to see you in the eyes of others and to embrace your love so that we can serve one another in your name. Amen.

— Katherine Dougherty

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