Saturday, March 9, 2013

Third Saturday in Lent

Psalm 87Jeremiah 13:1-11Romans 6:12-23John 8:47-59

There is a very powerful but challenging message for us in the scriptures for today.

In Psalm 37 we see that God is wanting to hone the new life he gives us by grace—this is a particularly difficult concept for many of us who strive to be “good,” to share our many talents to “God’s Glory.” God wants not our virtues to be up front and center but His. He reminds us that every virtue we do possess belongs to Him. I have been thinking about this lately as I find myself running as fast as I can to “serve God.” Oh, that we might reflect the new life we have in Him not by deeds but by God’s grace and knowing Him.

In Romans we are asked to offer ourselves to God as instruments of righteousness with the benefit of holiness and eternal life—grace; to be prayerful and listening to God’s voice in guiding our actions—discernment. May that be our focus.

Finally in Jeremiah, Jeremiah is very specifically led by God to bury his “holy undergarments.” When he returns they are stained and wet and ruined. He is reminding us with this visual that we are nothing without Him. Like Jeremiah who was humbled, God will make us useless if that is what it takes to humble us. Making us humble is far more important to Him than being useful. Will we listen? Amen

— Susan Cluett

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