Monday, March 11, 2013

Fourth Monday in Lent

Psalm 89:1-18Jeremiah 16:10-21Romans 7:1-12John 6:1-15

John 6:1-15: 

We all have heard the story of the loaves and the fishes many times. It is a story of faith.

What is Jesus telling us with the confident performance of a miracle that turns so little into so much?

What examples are being shown?

What can we do to follow this provision of plenty?

We all have small gifts.

Multiplied, they are many!

Is Jesus asking us to feed the hungry?

Yes, and so much more.

Sharing a small gift of bread, of fish, is sharing of oneself and shows us and others that we have more to give.

In this story, Jesus shows his disciples that a great company of people can be fed through sharing small gifts and through faith.

None of us ever thinks we have enough to give to satisfy others, to help others, to serve others, until we try.

Through one small gift at a time, we multiply our gifts until we surprise ourselves and serve others.

Through faith, we can give more.

At the end of a great feast for 5,000 souls, Jesus knew they would come and would try to take him by force and make him a king.

He prefers to live on as a solitary servant. He disappears to a mountain himself alone.

It is a great gift for 5,000 of us to seek always to be a servant and never a king.

For 5,000 small gifts can multiply and perform the miracle of creating sustenance and service and pieces of heaven in this world.

May the piece of heaven be passed among us?

— Bob Gibson

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