Monday, March 4, 2013

Third Monday of Lent

Psalm 77Jeremiah 7:1-15Romans 4:1-12John 7:14-36

“What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” was one of my grandmother’s favorite hymns, and one I learned in those sticky south Georgia summer days in Vacation Bible School (which was held in the basement of Pavo Baptist Church where we could find some brief relief from the heat!)

When I read these passages I remembered that hymn and wondered how friendless Jesus himself must have felt in the temple that day. Even though they would not listen to him then or later, he loved them, as he loves us today.

When I am sad or lonely or frustrated, as he must have been that day, I try to remember that dear, old hymn and am comforted in knowing that I have him as my friend always.

Anna Askounis

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